Thursday, 21 June 2012

Can a person who does not believe in God channel Light?

Guruji Krishnananda
          I say, yes. Light Channelling is an act of love. You may not believe in God but you may believe in love; love towards humanity, love towards all beings on this earth. Channelling is an act of healing. When we channel Light we heal ourselves, we heal others, and we heal the earth.Light Channelling is an act of gratitude. We receive so much from nature, from society, from everyone, from our own family members, from others, and from the Masters. When we channel Light, we contribute to the transformation of the world, albeit in a small way.            
By channeling Light to the world, we can give back for what we have received from the society. We receive so much help and energies for our sustenance from the Masters; we can channel Light to express our gratitude for such things, even if we don’t believe in God.
The Light is the Source from which the entire Creation has emerged. It is the Supreme Intelligence, the Supreme Power, the energy behind all Creation.
To debate on whether God exists or not is a mere intellectual exercise that leads to nowhere; it is a waste of time. We have to go beyond the intellect and actually experience the Light. Once we have a direct experience, no debate will be necessary.
Guruji Krishnananda

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