Friday, 29 June 2012

How do we cope with loss & pain that may arise from 2012 events?

A student asked me, “Those who have not chosen the Light may not be with us after 2012. How to bear with the pain of this loss?”
My answer :
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      So, you assume you will be there after 2012! We tend to think that earthquakes, floods, always happen somewhere else, not here; death comes only to others, etc. This is human nature.
We assume that only we survive 2012. Presuming you will survive after 2012, learn to be above such emotions. Our closest friend or relative may not survive, we have to bear that pain. It is difficult.
To cope with such grief, I suggest you to experience the Unmanifested part in your own system, the inner space, the inner sky. Practise for not more than three minutes. The grief may not disappear altogether, but you will be able to manage with it.
When we lose everything, all our possessions, experiencing the Unmanifested part in us will be of great help. This experience will keep the life force alive in us.
When the Tsunami hit southern India, I watched on TV a house that had almost completely fallen with a little bit of roof and a door still intact. The poor woman, the resident was cleaning the front of the house and drawing Rangoli (folk/sacred art). What hope! That is human spirit; that is life force.
Human beings who have such spirit never give up. When everything collapses, they pick up the pieces and move on.
We have to survive to help, serve and guide others. It is our responsibility.
We can bear with any loss, when we experience the Unmanifested part in us.
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Guruji Krishnananda

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