Saturday, 14 July 2012

Revolution by Light - Is this revolution happening..?

I have been speaking of the Revolution by Light. Is this revolution happening..? - Guruji Krishnananda
Revolution on the ground - School Children Channeling Light at a School
              Revolution is change. Sometimes, the changes are fast and complete. Even if the changes are slow and partial, they are changes, and it is indeed a revolution. Such a revolution began a long time ago. Right now, we are going through another phase of the revolution.
            The changes that have occurred so far are changes no doubt, but they are not enough. We could have done more. I am expecting changes in all of us. We can do more. We have to do more.  
          I also expect changes in all systems. If we force the systems to change suddenly, they will collapse and there will be chaos. When individuals change gradually, the systems will change automatically. Though the systems are very strong and deeply corrupt, they will change when we begin to change.     
       Spiritual revolutions are always silent and nonviolent. There will be no  confrontation, no aggression; only love and hope.  The finest example is that of Light Channelling. Channel the Light that’s all. 
      There are no sermons, no membership, no commerce; there is only love, pure love. This is a Spiritual Revolution. This Revolution is happening.   
           Revolution occurs when we go beyond our own understandings and our own principles. We have to keep advancing, keep growing to keep the revolution alive.
Do not stagnate at any level. Go beyond your ordinary ways of living. Go beyond Meditations. Go beyond Samadhi. Go beyond even enlightenment!

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