Sunday, 8 July 2012

A Special Time Period

During this lunar month that began on 20th June, we receive very special energies from the very Source, God Himself in the form of Light. These energies will peak on the Full Moon Day (3rd July, Guru Poornima). This sacred month ends on the 19th July.
Light Channeling world movement     During this period we must try to channel as much Light and energies as possible. Please make use of this opportunity. Be aware that when we channel energies we also absorb them. Try to experience these energies. And the most important part is, you have to manifest these energies.
How do we manifest these energies, Light or God? By manifesting love and peace. Unless we manifest these, the process is not complete.
What are the benefits of manifesting love and peace? We human beings always seem to think in terms of benefits!
Be aware of these energies all the time, channel them as much as possible, meditate every day ... Such intense efforts can clear our Karmas, which are the source of many of our problems and conflicts.
 Guruji Krishnananda

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