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The Eclipse on 28th November 2012

The Eclipse on 28th November 2012

The second of the twin eclipses on 28th November is an excellent opportunity to choose Light and hence enter the Light Age.  
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Choosing Light is just intending honestly, from the level of our soul, to constantly manifest Love and Light in our daily living. All that keeps us from doing so – external situations, difficult people, etc as well as internal issues like shortfalls, limitations, weaknesses, traits, etc – will be addressed by the Light Masters. Let us intend now to be completely positive in every way and let us try to do our best to manifest positivity and Love. Our inabilities do not define our intent. Let us do our best to manifest Light and Love, surrender our imperfections, weaknesses and non-positive traits to God and let the Light Masters help us.
In every moment, every act, we have to choose Light; this is not a one-time act. And how do we know that we have already chosen the Light Age for sure? We have to observe the quality of our thoughts, emotions and actions. How much do we forgive and accommodate; are we selfish and judgemental? Do we hold on to grudges? Have we allowed our anger to become hatred? Was the intent behind our act good? Our own conscience is our mirror.
“Have hope. Remove fear.” – This was the first message from the Light Masters for the year 2012. Turbulence and suffering should not lead to confusion. These are tests; let us be careful, have faith and let us not panic. Even with our shortcomings, the Light Masters are willing to help us, provided we choose to change and make honest efforts to positivise.
Let us not be disheartened by failures of any kind; let us not be harsh on ourselves and let us not fall into a guilt-trap. No matter which level we find ourselves in, let’s grow from there.
May everyone choose Light.
Eclipse timing: 28th November – 5:44PM to 10:20PM (Indian Standard Time i.e GMT +5:30). An eclipse is not just a physical phenomenon, several Spiritual energies are released as well which help in our transformation. Meditating or channelling Light helps in assimilation of these beneficial energies.

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