Thursday, 25 April 2013

Eclipses & Meditation (Triple eclipses in April and May 2013)

Triple eclipses in April and May 2013
Every Eclipse is a very important phenomenon. There are many Spiritual energies released during the Eclipse period. Meditations are the best way to receive these energies. Maharshi Amara once stated that meditating during the eclipse period will bring benefits equivalent to six months of regular Meditations. Eclipse energies help mankind progress towards the Light Age and impact every aspect of human life at the global as well as personal level.
The effect of an eclipse starts 48 days prior, increases towards the eclipse, peaks and wanes over the next 48 days.
Twin eclipses and triple eclipses amplify the effect.
In 2008, we received a lot of new metaphysical knowledge from Guruji on eclipses. The discussion has been presented as a narrative in the iGuruji article titled – ECLIPSES. To read, kindly follow this link –
A set of three eclipses are due in April and May 2013. The timings are as follows:
25th April, 2013 Thursday – Lunar Eclipse. Timing – 11:33pm to 3:41am of 26th April (IST).
11th May, 2013 Saturday – Solar Eclipse. Timing – 2:55am to 8:55am (IST).
25th May, 2013 Saturday – Lunar Eclipse. Timing – 9:23am to 9:56am (IST).
Let us meditate or channel Light during this period and progress Spiritually.
Note – Tonight (25th April, 2013 Thursday) there is a Lunar Eclipse from 11:33pm to 3:41am of 26th April (IST). It is first of the three eclipses, other two are due on 11th and 25th of May 2013

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