Monday, 24 November 2014


DOORWAYS TO LIGHT – (ebook Launch)
DWLThis is no fiction. But some events here may appear stranger than fiction. And I do not intend convincing anyone.”
“What is real?
“When I look down from the higher planes, all these are so unreal. When I go still higher up, everything disappears in the vastness. Light alone shines still higher up there. The Light was there all the time. I had not noticed it. And I thought I had seen everything!
“I had relied too much on this infant science and blind logic. I did not know that there was a higher science; truths beyond logic. I did not know many things. That was before I met Amara.”
This is an excerpt from Guruji Krishnananda’s Autobiography – Doorways to Light. Guruji’s journey from being an everyday human being to a great Spiritual Master inspires the hidden Divine potential in the reader. A portal into the unknown, it introduces the seeker to the fraternity of the invisible Light Masters or Rishis and the enormous effort they make to help humanity. The Spiritual energies in the book take us beyond the realms of the known; our own mystical underpinnings spring forth and take us onto our personal journey through the Doorways to Light.

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