Friday, 2 January 2015

We all ARE One

Guruji Krishnananda
Guruji Krishnananda
A person called me and said she was very much agitated for no reason. She could meditate but somehow she was not comfortable at any level.
When I tried to understand the source of her discomfort and agitation, I found very unusual energies in her. When I tried to find the source of these energies, I traced them to Haiti where an earthquake had occurred very recently! A lot of pain was being experienced there.
I cleared those energies, gave her a boost of very positive energies, and she was alright.
When I tried to understand more about this, it was revealed that the Rishis (Light Masters) removed more than 50% of the vibrations coming from the pain and the unimaginable suffering in Haiti.
The Rishis explained that the remainder of the pain had to be shared by every individual on this earth; each individual must somehow manage this pain.
Whenever such a disaster happens somewhere on earth, we presume we have nothing to do with it. We must realise that we all are One and we have to share the world’s pain. And the world too will share our pain.
With so many disasters happening and so much pain being generated in our world, how do we deal with it?
Light Channeling world movementMeditate every day, meditate more, channel more Light to the whole world and send more Light to the people affected by the disasters.

To channel Light, imagine an ocean of Light above, fill yourself with that Light first, and then after experiencing the Light for a few minutes, let the Light go out and fill the world for at least 7 minutes. Do this with great love.

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  1. very apt post . With so much suffering in 2015 already with the air asia flight disaster and other disasters , it is heartening to know we can help even if only a little