Saturday, 26 December 2015


TURMOIL BEFORE THE LIGHT AGE – by Guruji Krishnananda
All the turmoil we see at the global, national and individual levels is a part of the huge process of Transition into the Light Age. The Light that we are channelling is hastening the process of Transition. We have to be aware of this and strengthen the process by channelling more Light.
The conscience of the world is being stirred. And the Revolution by Light is happening. The Light is working; even though the changes may not be openly perceptible.
All acts of negativity, of violence, human rights violation, corruption, etc will not disappear immediately. But they surface and cannot be covered-up anymore. Everything surfaces. Surfacing is the beginning of the Revolution.
Then, waves of enragement against the acts of negativity build up unknowingly, automatically; as is happening all over the world with citizens taking to the streets in protest. This is the next stage. Waves of this energy will act at deeper levels and then there will be an action. This may seem like a very long process; if at all possible. But, we have to remember that we are in very different times of intense Transition.
Everyone will not receive and accept the Light straightaway. Those who do not accept are ignorant about the New Age and its realities. They will be educated at the Astral level by the ‪‎Rishis‬ and Light Workers.
Accept the ‪‎Light‬ at deeper levels without trying to fully understand the impact of Light. Understanding is not necessary. Acceptance is necessary. Many Intelligences and ‪‎Energies‬ are aligning to bring great changes faster. We, the common people, in the meanwhile have to channel Light and wait.

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