Monday, 30 October 2017

Light & Light Channelling

Light & Light Channelling – a better understanding (by Guruji Krishnananda)
Q. Do thoughts affect the flow of Light while channelling?
A. Only to a small extent. They may distract our attention but we can easily ignore them. In spite of the thoughts the Light flows through us. But when there are no thoughts, we will have the satisfaction of having channelled Light properly.
Q. Is it required to repeat a mantra while channelling Light?
A. No.
Q. How can the blind visualize light?
A. An individual is not blind in every life. He would have seen Light in an earlier life. We all have seen the Light. We also carry the Light. With the help of certain unknown faculties, a blind person can imagine Light. The blindness is only at the physical level. They are not totally blind.
I know of a blind person who sees Light all the time. He developed a relation with Light. Whenever he wanted to know something, he would ask the Light and he would get a response.
Q. How to carry Light always?
A. We have to establish a relation with Light. Then we don’t have to carry the Light consciously. The Light carries us always. If you love Light, the Light will be with you always.

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