Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Does Light solve our problems?

Does Light solve our problems?

      Light solves all our problems. You may wonder how, but you have to experience it. All problems, material, Spiritual, health problems … Some problems are solved directly, sometimes instantaneously. A person was searching for a particular document. When he searched everywhere and could not find it, he prayed to Light and filled himself with Light. After some time, he found it. I can quote many such instances.

      I say with experience that Light solves all our problems. Some problems cannot be solved miraculously. If a person has cancer it cannot be miraculously cured in a day or two. But people have found great relief and even total healing in some cases.

      If a problem is not solved immediately, the Light gives us the courage and the wisdom to carry on living with the problem; the problem vanishes gradually.

       Light solves all problems provided, you choose Light in every situation. When you choose Light, you have to choose from the level of your soul, not from the level of the intellect. If you really choose Light all the time, the Light takes over your life. You will be living in Light.

To understand and truly accept this, you have to have a firsthand experience of Light.

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