Friday, 18 May 2012

A NOTE – Experiences of Light Channels

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    The Light that I am talking of is not the physical one, as we all know.  It is the First Light that was manifested from the unmanifested.  It is the First manifestation. 
From this Light, an ocean of Consciousness emerged and from that this whole Creation.

    This Light is everywhere in the Creation.  It cannot be seen by our naked eyes.  But it can be experienced in deep meditations.

     This Light is energy.  It has great intelligence.  It carries Love, Peace and Healing energies.  It can help us in every way at the individual and at the global levels.
The next age that we are shortly entering into is called the Light Age.  Every one of us has to carry the Light and spread the Light all around the world to prepare ourselves and the world to enter the Light Age.  That is why we have to experience and channel the Light.

       When we initiated the Light Channels World Movement in 2008,  we found that the response was not really big.  Then, we introduced Light Channelling in schools.  More than twenty lakhs children have channeled Light so far.  We had amazing response and also results.  The children, being innocent and pure,could see the Light, experience It and also use It for a good purpose.  Their experiences were heart touching.
      When we decided to arrange The Light Channels Meet on May 7, 2012, we thought that we should present their experiences to the world. The teachers and the authorities of the schools realised that we did not have any personal agenda.  They realised that Light Channelling is a non-religious and non-political Movement.  They found it simple and very beneficial. They helped us to conduct the Light Channelling sessions in their schools.  Thus, the Revolution by Light began.

       Now, the time has come to expand this into the next level where anyone can channel Light and help oneself and help the world.  The world requires this Spiritual push because, very shortly, at the end of 2012, we are going to face great changes due to several astronomical and spiritual occurrences. To face this situation, we have to prepare spiritually.  Light Channelling helps preparation.  That is why Light Channelling is very important and essential at this point of time.

       Light Channelling brings Peace, Purity and Perfection in every system now reeking with corruption and violence.  We will witness the collapse of the corrupt systems and emergence of new systems shortly.
       We are not helpless.  We can channel Light and build up a silent Revolution.  We are not alone.  We are helped by many Masters and Light Workers working on this earth and from the Astral planes.  Let us create new destinies for ourselves and for the world.
On this occasion of Light Channels Meet, I thank the school authorities, teachers and the children for allowing Light Channelling.  The experiences printed here, I am sure, will inspire every human being.  Let everyone join the Revolution by Light.

Guruji Krishnananda                                                                                                                                         

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