Saturday, 2 June 2012

Will the Revolution by Light spread all over the world?

Someone asked, “Will the Revolution by Light spread all over the world?” 
           I say, do you doubt? It will spread. Everyone on this earth will be working for the Revolution by Light. Mark my words, they may not be channelling Light as we are doing, but they are a part of the Revolution.

People may spread Love instead of Light. Love is a part of Light. Many people are spreading Peace. That’s enough; they are working for the Revolution.

The Revolution began long ago. The Revolution is going on. I would prefer people channeling Light because, the Light contains everything - Love, Peace, Wisdom, tolerance, accommodation, and all that is good in this Creation. Love contains creative forces. Light contains healing energies. I wish all the people channel Light.

The Revolution WILL spread to the whole world.
                                             Guruji Krishnananda

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