Sunday, 30 September 2012

What is the meaning of being aware?

Guruji Krishnananda - What is the meaning of being aware? 
It is being aware of all the realities; realities about birth, death, Creation, Yugas (Ages), etc.
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 For me, the most important thing is being aware of the Presence. We know and accept that God is present everywhere, in and around us. We must become aware of His Presence as Light. Even without thinking of Light you must become aware of His Presence. When we achieve this, we would have made a great stride in our Spiritual Quest.
When you are aware of the Presence, you will experience so much of peace, love and joy. You will feel so positive and secure because you will know that you are being taken care of.
We have to become aware of the reality that we have come down here to experience life, and we have to go back someday.
We must become aware of our capacity to add quality to our life and to the life on this earth.
If we are aware that our thoughts and emotions impact the world, we will always think and emote positively.
To be aware means to know that we are currently going through a period of transition and that we will soon be entering the Photon Belt.
We must know about the probable events of 2012 and the fact that Light Masters exist and are keenly watching all the current developments, helping us in every way possible to sail through.

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