Saturday, 18 January 2014

World Channels Day

World Channels Day
                         WORLD CHANNELS DAY – 31st JANUARY 2014
It is time to exercise our duty towards the world we live in. It is time to channel Light and bring Peace to a beleaguered humanity. Light is God’s Energy. When an individual fills oneself and radiates Light, families, communities, organizations, systems, countries and the entire world can be healed. Consciously drawing and spreading Light everywhere can build and strengthen a positive environment filled with peaceful vibrations. This in turn will create a space for constructive solutions to emerge from any chaos.
The Revolution by Light is a non-religious, non-commercial, silent, Spiritual and collective effort at positivizing our thoughts, emotions and hence actions. Each of the seven billion plus individuals has to pitch-in and channel Light to bring about a stronger and faster result.
25,00,000 school students, teachers and countless adults have channelled Light in the last three years. Last year, on Worlds Channels Day, more than 8,85,000 students and adults channelled Light. Testimonials showcasing the myriad benefits received by hundreds have been published in two books titled – Experiences of Light Channels Volume One and Two. Both can be downloaded for free from
Join the Revolution by Light. Channel Light on WORLD CHANNELS DAY on 31ST JANUARY 2014, from anywhere at any time for at least seven minutes. Join more than 8,00,000 others who will channel Light. Make your contribution to World Peace. No registration or fees is required.
Channel Light. Heal yourself. Heal the World.

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