Sunday, 16 December 2012

Bringing Light into our lives

Bringing Light into our lives – As taught by Guruji Krishnananda

Experience the Light in the inner core, within the system.
Connect to the greater core, God Himself.
Connect to everyone and everything, and experience Oneness. Oneness is experienced not only with the human beings but with all life animate and inanimate. It is only when we experience this kind of oneness, it is complete.
Receive Light and spread it.
Manifest Light. Be calm and contented. Accept the imperfections around us, in individuals and in the world. Be non-aggressive. Be good, simple and truthful. Celebrate life. Share the material abundance and also share the abundance of love, peace, knowledge.
Carry Light always. When we carry Light always, we will never behave like ordinary human beings. We behave like the citizens of the future Age, the Light Age. We behave like God Himself.
Become Light.

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