Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Importance of stillness

Importance of stillness
All answers, all solutions, all possibilities and opportunities are within us. But we look for these things outside. Instead of exploring outside, we have to look within. We have to find them within us and bring them out, manifest them.
 We have to learn to manifest answers, solutions and even new questions.
 How do we learn to find them within us and manifest them?
 We have to begin by entering a state of stillness. That is why we meditate. With Meditations everything happens. Meditations have to be taken seriously. In stillness we become aware of all these things being within us.
 When we enter stillness, we become aware of many things, the most important thing is that of a Presence. This Presence is God Himself. We also become aware of what the Presence carries.
 We become aware of the vastness, unconditional love and oneness. Not only do we become aware of these things, we begin to experience the Presence and all that the Presence carries; we experience true love, we become one.
 After experiencing all these, we have to manifest them with a strong intent and conscious effort.
 You have to contemplate on these things. This is what regular and intense Meditations lead to.
Guruji Krishnananda

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