Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Core Teachings of Light Masters

The Core Teachings 
Someone once asked me, “What are the core teachings of the Light Masters (Rishis)?” 
Guruji Krishnananda
Guruji Krishnananda
Their core teachings are, manifest love, manifest purity, manifest honesty and peace, and most importantly, manifest the life-force. There is abundant life-force around us, which we have to manifest in our day-to-day living. 
The other main teachings are, meditate and positivise your emotions and thoughts. Live a balanced life between the material and the Spiritual. Be aware that we are entering the Light Age. During this transition, there will be a Shift in Consciousness. Certain events will occur; we have to face their effects. To go through these events, we can only prepare spiritually. Preparation at the physical level will not help.
 The Light Masters exist in different worlds and they are ever ready to guide us and help us in every way. All of us have to establish contact with them. Each one of us is capable of doing so.
 They also say that Light is our Source, Light is our means and Light is our goal. We must know all about Light and experience Light.
 We have come down to this earth to experience the life here. After experiencing it sufficiently we have to go back to our Source, which is our Spiritual goal. We do reincarnate. We reincarnate to clear our Karmas that we have accumulated in the past.
 We are all one. All the human beings on this earth are one. We are individually responsible for the welfare of everyone else. What affects others anywhere in the world will affect us somehow. We must experience Oneness and we have to feel responsible for the state of the world. 
 Guruji Krishnananda

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